Welcome to Engage for Change

We are constantly at war, there is no place for bystanders.
You become the predator, or you will be made a prey.
In life if you don’t chose for yourself, the choice will be made by others.
So choose what you want to do.

And so we have created an idea,
An idea that could bring about a change.
An idea, that doesn't change the way we look at things,
but changes the things we look at.
An idea which walks the talks.

Why Engage?

We do not call ourselves ‘not for profit’ enterprise, instead we call ourselves ‘profit for change’ enterprise, who want to bring about a change. We don't need your funds but your attention. We need your attention and support but above all, we need your heart.

  • To help millions suffering from rare and neglected diseases.
  • To clean our environment, where dust and odour pollution impact the quality of our life adversely.
  • To create awareness about pollution in oceans, which one may find it hard to believe that they can contribute, but it is true.

Why are we doing all this?

Our objective is to do detailed research on all these critical issues and prepare reports with documented proof on each of these subjects. Prepare white papers to initiate more research and advancement in these fields.

  • So, regulators sit up and take notice.
  • So, Industry and Academia joins us in our fight to make our planet a better place to live.
  • So, Government can collaborate on such projects on a regular basis.
  • So, we can promise a better future to our children.

Why me – what can I do alone !

  • Be the change, you want to see !
  • You are already unique to get into this mindset to desire change.
  • You are more unique with the training and learning you have received.
  • Form your opinion, form your views, firm your path.
  • Your chosen path with commitment will bring in the change you want.