Healthcare - Neglected Disease

“ It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected. ”.
- Mark Twain, American author and humorist.     

Neglected diseases are conditions that inflict severe health burdens on the world's poorest people. It is not financially viable to undertake research and manufacture drugs for these diseases.

Diseases are said to be neglected if they are often overlooked by drug developers or by others instrumental in drug access, such as government officials, public health programs and the news media. Typically, private pharmaceutical companies cannot recover the cost of developing and producing treatments for these diseases.

Neglected diseases are those which are poor peoples disease, and hence deliver low profits.

As the word defines neglected diseases have limited viability, and hence no incentive to do new research, develop new medicines or initiate any additional efforts to provide solutions that leads to neglect diseases like Tuberculosis.

Globally, multinationals prefer to avoid these specific disease areas or keep them right down in their priority list.

Hence, neglected diseases are not still well understood nor attended. These are areas where profitability is an issue, sometimes due to volumes, sometimes due to subject complexity due to limited experience and knowledge of doctors, sometimes not having enough information access of and for patients and support groups.

We, at Swati Spentose, have been pioneering in Neglected Diseases (interstitial cystitis in urology – damage of bladder lining leading to urinating 30 to 40 times for the patient leading to a terrible life).

Our recommendation is to move forward to the Govt and to engage all kind of stake holders in our project.